16th – 21st July 2007, 12- 7pm.

Rose Thompson has been invited to exhibit her degree show project The Passage of Time as part of Cannonball at 42 New Briggate Gallery.

'Rose creates artist’s books that combine the processes investigating time and movement. Her books are abstract interpretations about her experience of walking, providing a true insight for the viewer to see and touch. Rose's book will be available in the 42 New Briggate shop for the summer following Cannonball.'

'To launch the Summer program of exhibitions and events taking place at 42 New Briggate Gallery, Cannonball will bring together a range of work from the Leeds' art institutes including Leeds College of Art and Design, Leeds Metropolitan University and The University of Leeds, with artists recently graduating from Foundation level through to MA.This will be a rare chance to experience work from across the Leeds art school board in the same place at the same time. Marvel at the sight of cross-course inter-pollution unfolding before your eyes. Enjoy the rarity of college-ites' and post grads' art works sitting side by side. This dynamic interplay will provide a fresh context for the works and act as a small but overdue step towards linking the institutions of Leeds.For the artists involved the exhibition presents an opportunity to expand on, rework or re-present the practice they have developed during study, facilitating a continuation of activity post art-education rather than travelling tumbleweeds and office jobs.'

Works will include performative wall drawings, sleepy photography, sado-masochistic paper works, noisy sawdust, book-works, interactive birds, index fingers and a bench. Exhibiting artists include: Fran Burrows, Ailsa Burrows, Larna Campbell, Mark Madden, Rachel Jesse, Jane Liggins, Tim Pulleyn, Rose Thompson and the MA collective, CAST.

42 New Briggate Gallery is a space set up by Lucy Gibson and Yvonne Carmichael who are both involved with the art & deign course. Lucy teaches in second year and coordiantes the SOrell Young Designers Programme and Yvonne graduated in 2006. The gallery is run in conjunction with Opera North Projects and has played host to four exhibitions so far which coincided and connected with Opera North's Productions.

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