FILM showing at 12.00 Weds 3rd of Feb

Paris Je t'aime is a film consisting of 18 short films set in the different arrondissments of Paris. Each film is was realized by a different director.
The film will be showing in the 3rd year seminar space. I hope you love it as much as i do! remember people BYOP (bring your own popcorn)


Adaptation (2009)

This project combines concrete and the concepts of body adornment. The wearer is confronted by the unusual mix of materials, perception and form. The piece is versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. There is an element of balance and unity as the wearer adapts to the unusual characteristics of the work whilst the piece itself changes in form around the individual.

The work creates an essence of appreciation whilst offering an alternative perception towards relationships between form, function and material. This concept of changing perceptions through material innovation is the basis of my work which i intend to develop within the final major project.


Paper Beauty - Brief Introduction

'Paper Beauty' is an exploration of material manipulation and the link with society and the breakdown of structures. Initially, I began to use newspaper as the material that would later become the inspiration behind many ideas, which I intend of pursuing in my Final Major Project.

Newspaper to be represents many things - the recycling process and the whole community of this, the printed information, 'bad press' which causes problems and breakdowns in society, the disposability and disregard of newspaper as a material. Exploring a variety of techniques and processes within the experimentation stage slowly began to trigger links in my mind with how the material itself can represent how social, economical, cultural and individual structures are being broken down and lost through this misinformation, misguidance and miscommunication.