26 March — 10 April 2012
Blenheim Walk

A Talk in the Gallery
Wednesday 28th March — 12.15pm

“My current art making practice explores the dilemma of what it means to inhabit a female body. I create installations and individual works that contain multiple layers of meaning; the work is subtle and surprising, disturbing and amusing. I alter and adapt ready-made objects that stand in as signifiers for the maternal body. I cast objects in unusual or unsuitable materials with the intention of suggesting an alternate reading of the original object. My intention is to promote in the viewer a complex response encompassing the cultural, political, social, historical and mythological agendas that inform our current perspective on motherhood and its role in contemporary society.”



F******* Marvellous!

BA (Hons) Art & Design (Interdisciplinary) hosted a two day Flocking Workshop delivered by Belgian designers; Rudi Respeel and Jeff Rutten from Mechelen, Belgium.
Flocking is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface by the means of an electrically charged ‘gun’, the technique fires coloured fibres at a glued surface or object, to create a soft textured finish... more

Rachael Forster, Level 4 BA (Hons) Art & Design (Interdisciplinary)