The Interdisciplinary of Interdisciplinarity

Over the last 3 weeks Level Two Art and Design Interdisciplinary students have been considering what Interdisciplinary might mean.

The three week investigation has included; 18 lectures, communal brainstorming, a series of lively discussions, and the making and sharing of diagrams examining what Interdisciplinary might look like. The outcome of this intense consideration is the production of a A4 hardback book, bound lovingly by hand, which will be inserted into the college library as a reference book titled: “The Interdisciplinary of Interdisciplinarity”.

This publication is a collection of thoughts on the subject of Interdisciplinarity. It documents work of current 2nd year students and the various artists, designers and exhibitions that have shaped their ideas and visions; pointing towards models of interdisciplinarity. The publication will be made available for reference in the college library, further increasing the course’s visibility within the Leeds College of Art and Design’s student and academic community.

Many thanks to Mike Flowers, Simon Harrison, Roger Grech, and Chris Graham.

Attached Diagram by Jamie Appleton