Aron Klein

as an artist i wound define my practice as the over lapping of disiplins and the smudging of boundrys.i find my self constantly searching for the small gap inbetween thats not already defined and hence has room for my work to play and grow without a label.  so i gues my practice is either the act of being labelless or/and the disiplin of bringing photography, graphic design, graffiti, sculpture as well as public art all together. i see my work as an external manifestation of my thoughts with an aim of all my work being identifiable to me.
my progects often lead me to engage with and document the urban enviroment, translating my findings in to a form of narative for the veiwer. my work ends in 3 branches (gallery,street,shop): my work at large is designed for an external street enviroment however can be redifened and exibeted in a gallery space through the use of photography and both these styals influence my final direction of work witch is the creation of products and peices to be distributed through shops and other forms of outlet.

a few of my most insperational artist iv found recently!

herbert baglione has an incredable abilety ingage illistration and photography in a harmonious manner!

david ellis's work has had a strong influence on the way i see my work, with the realisation that the work can be the photoe of the peice as aposed to the peice its self or in his case a video, learning to be less precias with my work and less woried about taking a painting to far.
youll understand what i mean after watching this excrusiating but amazing video of his work. 

swoon and monica canilao are two artists whos work blend in both in a gallery space or a street enviroment. both worth a look.

insa, an artist whos defenatly an insperation on crossing boundrys, with a strong street prcence and notorety aswell as being a respected artist .