Janet Allison

My practice moves between the fields of art, craft and design, developing ideas through material experimentation and learning craft techniques. Producing 3d work and collage, I explore the idea of the tangible and the tactile and encourage engagement through discovery, humour and movement.Through the use parody I twist and subvert common cultural narratives, leaving the viewer to query meaning and message.

I am currently working on combining elements of taxidermy and anthropomorphism with classical tableware objects of grandure and decadence.


KELLY MCCALLUM : using taxidermy and precious materials to make sculpture + jewellery.

BARNABY BARFORD : creating humorous narratives from ceramic assemblages.
GAMPLUSFRATESI : a design duo who focus on furniture, BUT it is this one piece “ANT'IQUE” that interests me. A great example of “the reveal”.