Margaret Kay

I believe myself to be a sculptor. Within the last year I have worked with copper, excellent material for prototypes, transforming its shape to enable interaction between the viewer and the object. Within my degree I have experimented with structure and material which have led me to be confident within a choose practise for my final year and continuing work. Working with metal excites me more than any other material I have used. It is important to me for my work to be practcal, logic and engaging.

Peer group: 3D Objects, although each person in this group uses different materials and concepts we all have relevance to one another, a tactile approach. My work is more relevant to Sian Morrison working with form and occassionally sharing similar ideas. At the moment I am working on a journal blog that will follow my process and technique through to the end of the FMP, and also catalog past and present projects. http://mkay-fmpjournal.blogspot.com/

Her work is delicate working with beauty and the unpleasant suggesting human weakness and underlying defense mechanisms.
Paula Groves works with scrap or found metal. Flee markets or scrap bins, she uses these scraps to create work giving them a new whole.