Joanna Geldard ‘Blueprints’

'Blueprints' Exhibition at Deda/Derby 29th March – 30th April

'We live our daily lives in a constant exchange with the set of daily appearances surrounding us – often they are very familiar, sometimes they are unexpected and new, but always they confirm us in our lives. They do so even when they are threatening: the sight of a house burning, for example, or a man approaching us with a knife between his teeth, still reminds us (ungently) of our life and its importance. What we habitually see confirms us…. Yet it can happen, suddenly, unexpectedly, and most frequently in the half-light of glimpses, that we catch sight of another visible order which intersects with ours and has nothing to do with it.’

John Berger, 1996, The Russian Way Interstices, Opus 21

Blueprints establishes the staring into the everyday, it focuses on the point of the body in space and it attempts to still and quiet the body whilst acutely aware of sensation. These Blueprints, ‘half light glimpses’ of the everyday body in space; between place and space. The reduction of line is used to create a graphic scoring of the body in space. It is this scoring that establishes the blueprint by which to create large scale pieces of work. The graphic line is an attempt to complete a notation of the body in space at once universal and absurd. Two singular concerns arise in this scoring; that of movement and that of sound, yet the line by its very nature stills this and fixes it as notation. For this reason the connection with the musicians’ tradition of graphic scoring is demonstrated within the images as the body recognises pulsation and resonance as both movement and sound in space. Thus the body is merely shadow that reverberates as energy in space underscored by a line.' Joanna Geldard

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