Interrogating The City of Leeds

The 2nd Year's have been out and about in the last week as part of their new Creative Strategies brief ' Interrogating the City'.

On Tuesday 16th October Bryan Davies escorted us to see 'Hello Friends', the sculpture he and Laura Davies have made for the new Bridgewater Place development.

watch clips of Bryan's presentation:


On Wednesday 17th October they spent the day with visiting lecturer Dinu Li. Dinu presented some of his past projects, commissions and residencies in the studio and then the group de-camped to 42 New Briggate, the gallery space co-run by 2nd year tutor, Lucy Gibson and Art and Design graduate Yvonne Carmichael.

Here there was a chance to look at Dinu's current exhibition, 'The Mother of All Journeys' before being set a task to work in the city for the afternoon.

Everyone was asked to choose one word in response to the exhibition and then apply this word to a personal experience of the city. Each student had a digital camera and was asked to choose one image at the end of the day which summed up their activities. All sorts of creative endeavour was employed - from stalking passers-by, to finding houses parent's lived in as students, to retracing first steps in the city, to re-visiting old halls of residences, and even going home to Bradford and back in 2 1/2 hours.

Green tea and critical feedback session:

2nd years with artist, Dinu Li at 42 New Briggate Gallery: