A Conference for The Glass Archive

The Glass Archive is a collection of over eighty novels containing the word ‘glass’ in the title. For A Conference for The Glass Archive, five individuals including artists George Henry Longly, Kate Allen & Chris Henry Clarke, and freelance writer Anna Taylor, have been invited to investigate and make personal responses to the content of the archive.
Taking place over four days, A Conference for the Glass Archive will provide daily public access to The Glass Archive, daily one-hour readings (from four novels over four days) and culminate in the delivery of five presentations on Saturday 1st December at 2pm.
A Conference for The Glass Archive encourages a shift of focus in our understanding of this material. The project sits within a wider context of material investigation, in which sculptors and artists explore emotional and intellectual connections to physical materials.

Readings: Weds, Thurs, Fri at 2pm
Conference - Saturday 1st December at 2pm.


Site Gallery
1 Brown Street
Sheffield S1 2BS