Wednesday 14th November - Wednesday 21st November.
project by Jen Ohlson, BA Art & Design (Interdisciplinary) 3rd year
42 New Briggate Gallery
Window access only. Wrap up warm.

What happens here?
Where have you been sleeping?

Morethanroughandlonely: A display of photographs taken on disposable cameras by members of the homeless community in Leeds.
A demonstration of suitable locations.
A presentation of previous inhabitations.
A documentation of last night.
A proposal for tomorrow.

Jennifer has asked members of the homeless community in Leeds to document areas of the city that they find hospitable with the aim of producing a guide to temporary nocturnal accommodation outside of traditional lodgings. Photographs, sketches, found objects, gifts, narratives, opinions and ideas from the contributors will be displayed in the window of 42 New Briggate Gallery as a continuously updated archive.

From Wednesday 14th November 42 New Briggate will be hosting a brand new series of residencies.

Artists were invited to put forward proposals for how they would use the gallery space to make work that is visible in or through the gallery’s large front window. Everyone is most welcome to peer in and watch the successful artists at work and play.

Other resident artists at 42:
A Latento – Alex Ferrar, Harry Meadley, and Iona Smith
Patrick Gildersleeves
Andy Abbott

There will be an exhibition showcasing the three weeks work on Thursday 13th December 6-8pm all are welcome.