a few images documenting my recent peices, using the lighting studio. the photoes them selfs in a way are paying homage to where my work originated from the"spray can" i feel like my work has becom far removed from the walls but still retains a sertain format or style that tastes like graffiti.

The peices are painted on found cradboard and bought foam board however i aim to recycal and find as much of my materials as posible,

the consept behind the peices are inspiered by adem neats idea of leaving canvases hung on nails around the city for the public to enjoy as an open gallery/ exabition and my self set mission of finding an openly appropriate form of graffiti that inspeiers and ingages with the pacer by and offends as few people as possible. http://www.elmslesters.co.uk/index.php?pid=13&subid=26