Jessica Falcus

The work focuses around Body Modification and restriction through fashion, sculpture, adornment and installation. By the removal of movement we experience new feelings, this knowledge and understanding develops once we gain full movement once again; we become aware of the capability of our bodies.We also restrict our bodies when integrating into select social circles; we become mirrors of one another; we modify ourselves to conform.

Relevant reading:

Davis, F. (1992) Fashion, Culture, and Identity. Chicago. The University of Chicago Press.

My work is most relevant to Elise Goldins, her most recent work makes reference to experience and body restraint; through developing relationships with one another we can communicate common experiences.

Contemporary Practitioners of interest:

Gareth Pugh: His catwalk shows are projected as an artwork / performance, Pugh’s creations restrict his models as they move along the runway. Some more recent shows have been created through video link, which demonstrates the full potential of the garments structure.

Naomi Filmer: She celebrates parts of the human body; she isolates areas like the neck, shoulders and feet and creates a spectacle of them.

Zoe Bradley: Creates one off Art / Sculptural Installations for retail brands, to enhance their brand identity. The use of paper-based material makes reference to my own work. Paper forms are an area I have briefly engaged with over recent years, and also a key area for development through my final major project.