Sian Morrison

I see myself as an alchemist artist as I work with material innovation. I create body adornments, sculpture and have now progressed into spatial awareness and architecture. I mainly work with concrete and my projects develop through material science, technical analysis and ongoing collaborations with tradesmen.

I work with the preconceptions of materials in relation to aesthetics, psychology and form. I question what connotations a material has and work with the idea of transformation. Currently I have become interested in the impact of a form in a space and intend to work with the aspect of interaction and forced response.

My work within our peer group strongly relates to Kerry Murray’s approach to material innovation. Our concept of preconceptions is similar yet our development process and the way we address the issues lead to very different outcomes.

References of similar artists working with material innovation and similar concepts:

Anish Kapoor



Tara Donovan


Tadao Ando