Aslam Mohammed

Hello, I'm Aslam and I see my specialism fitting within the realms of material manipulation, material interpretation and material representation with further connection to emotions, feelings and the personal attributes (cultural, religious etc) which 'form' a person and their being.

The material(s) that you intend to use can sometimes enhance, alter, play or mould the way it is interpreted by an audience as meaning something else. The inclusion of a concept sometimes needs to merge with the material used depending on what the concept is. If the concept is about contrast for example then the material used may be the opposite but if the concept is the portrayal of a certain emotion than the material used is quite important as the material itself will speak before the concept itself. The material therefore would probably be connected with many other connotations to a particular person so in order to alter this, the concept would need to be able to interplay or be displayed for them to work together. It is all about breaking the boundaries further to interlink the many attributes within my own work and their connection to myself and others.

Many of the artists/designers that I am interested and whom inform my work are concerned themselves with human connections through the use of material:

Louise Bourgeois works has reconnected with me personally since she is the focus of my dissertation and much of her work is relating to her personal emotions and reflection of these through her material use -

· http://www.centrepompidou.fr/education/ressources/ENS-bourgeois-EN/ENS-bourgeois-EN.html

· http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/louisebourgeois/default.shtm

Tara Donovan, another material based artist who have been referring to in many of my projects since the beginning of the degree, works with recycling of material to create these beautiful construction that take you into another world -

· http://www.acegallery.net/artistmenu.php?Artist=8

· http://www.icaboston.org/exhibitions/exhibit/donovan/

Anish Kapoor's exploration of colour, illusion and material is also something that I am intruiged by and his exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London displayed this :