Kerry Murray

I am a sculptor specialising in plaster and the process of casting found objects. I explore notions of space form and the alteration of perception of these objects through society, questioning their role within our presence. As I am a material based artist my inspiration and ideas stem from the process of casting. The transition from plaster changing its form and taking shape is something I intend to expand on in my FMP. This will explore the act of transformation between material process and concept.

Furthermore my studio practice will cross over to reflect therapeutic qualities and consider the act of art therapy within my concept of transition. In creating a relationship between these fields I am illuminating my potential as an interdisciplinary artist.

Within the peer group my work seems to parallel Sian Morrison in the way we are both material led sculptors. Although Morrison specialises in concrete we both deal with the innovation of materials within the art and design world. More so our concepts are similar in that we explore form and aesthetics yet Morrison’s practice tends to take a design outcome. In contrast my practice fits a more fine art approach.

Rachel Whiteread


Paula Chambers


Louise Bourgeois


The British Association Of Art Therapists